Does it ever feel like you’ve lost your motivation? Maybe it’s disappeared into a never ending black hole, along with the hair ties and earbuds that you can never seem to find when you need them the most.

Encountering physical (and mental) plateaus is common. However, feeling “stuck” isn’t forever and, by equipping yourself with a new outlook and new routine, you’ll soon be back on track and feeling better than ever.

Overcome plateaus with these three tips.
Incorporate a new piece of equipment into your routine. Examples include the kettle bell, jump rope, battle ropes, TRX and medicine balls. Research various exercises to do with your chosen piece of equipment.
Assess your progress and train to improve. See how many pushups you can perform or how long you can hold a wall sit or plank. Schedule a day 4 to 6 weeks later to re-test and see if you’ve improved.
Take a day off! If you’re hustling 24/7 and trying to top off each workout with one that’s more challenging than the last, you’ll find yourself feeling run down and burnt out. Without proper rest, your hormones will not have the chance to stabilize and your muscles will never have the chance to recover. It will lead to mental exhaustion as well. A successful fitness program consists of peaks and valleys.