Dear College of Exercise Science Community,

We at the ISSA CES send our warmest welcome to all of you in our community, from all corners of the United States and worldwide. Today, we are united in the hope of a great time ahead. Although the calendar says June, here at the College of Exercise Science the year truly begins today—with all the anticipation and excitement that the close of the Spring Quarter and the start of the Summer Quarter bring.

We would like to start by looking back at some of last year’s accomplishments, with our heartfelt thanks to all of you who made such progress possible. Here are just a few of our many achievements.

Attracting Outstanding Students and Producing Outstanding Alumni

As we look ahead, as always, the best harbinger of our success is our students and alumni. Including our upcoming graduating class this month, we will have produced more than 680 graduates of our program since it was first offered in 2011. We are so proud of the many outstanding accomplishments our graduates have gone on to achieve.

Our current student population is more diverse than ever— with students from 49 states and 73 countries—and their level of academic achievement meets the elite standard of the College of Exercise Science. This diverse mix of students will add to the vibrant mix of people, ideas and activity on our main campus and in our learning hubs.

Strengthening Programs and Faculty

On the academic side, we created and received state approval for our new Bodybuilding, Corrective Exercise and Transformation Specialist programs. This is an exceptional achievement for any school, let alone one of our size. These programs will provide strong career outcomes for our students—a top priority for all of us here at the College of Exercise Science.

We continue to raise our academic profile and reputation worldwide, nationally and locally. We are proud of our staff and their exceptionally diverse background and experience. We welcome the new ideas and new energy they bring to our team.

And there’s good news as we are excited to have received pending approval of our new Bachelor’s Degree, which will plan to open registration for our first class in fall 2019.

Additionally we are excited to unveil some new exciting programs in the areas of Speed, MMA, Functional Fitness, Yoga and Golf to be available through the summer, fall and winter quarters of 2019.

We Want To Hear From You

As a part of our ISSA CES community, your voice is the driving force behind what we do to ensure that we are meeting our mission of creating a stronger and healthier world. Therefore, please comment below to introduce yourself and tell us why earning your degree is meaningful to you.


Patrick Gamboa

VP of Student Experience