If you want your workouts to stand out on Instagram, and actually reach potential clients, you need to use the right workout hashtags. That starts with dumping all the basics, like #fitness, which has more than 451 million posts, and #workout, which has more than 181 million posts. 

The problem with these hashtags is that you’re going to get lost in the hashtag feed. If the goal is to be found via your hashtags, you want to choose ones that are used often—but not oversaturated, like the two examples above.

Using low to medium volume hashtags, preferably those with less than 500K posts, will ensure three important things:

  • You’re being targeted. A hashtag like #workoutsforwomen, with only 190K posts, allows you to make sure your workout reaches the right audience.
  • You’re being seen. With fewer posts to compete with in the search feed, you can stand out.
  • You’re being relevant. Instagram wants to see that your hashtags correlate with the content itself.

Use the following workout hashtags, when appropriate and relevant, to reach more potential clients with your valuable content.

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Posts: 240K

People follow fitness accounts to get inspired and motivated. Inspire and motivate your Instagram audience to reach their fitness goals by using this hashtag on a post with a workout challenge. Giving your community a free challenge will get them excited about reaching their goals while inspiring them to prioritize their health. This hashtag will also bring in new people looking for a way to jump-start their fitness journey. 



Posts: 59K

Sharing your fitness journey on social media can be a powerful way to connect with your audience and this one of the best workout hashtags for those posts. You can also use it to share success stories of clients who struggled with their workouts at the start, but are now stronger, fitter, and faster. 



Posts: 42K

Use this hashtag to remind your audience that they’re not alone on their fitness journey, whether you’re sharing a group workout challenge or posting a workout for them to do with a partner or friends. This hashtag can also help you reach potential clients who are looking for a coach or accountability partner to support them on their fitness journey. 



Posts: 88K

In our post-covid world, some people still don’t feel comfortable going to the gym or working out in public. As a fitness professional, encourage your instagram community to get their workout in from home using this hashtag—which will also get you more visibility than the overcrowded #workoutfromhome, which has more than 2 million posts. 



Posts: 189K

Use workout hashtags allow you to be specific about who you’re trying to reach. When done correctly, you can even get more engagement on each post because the people who are most are the ones seeing it. If you work with women specifically as clients, or created a workout that’s best suited for the female body, use this hashtag.



Posts: 336K

There are so many people looking for a coach to help them reach their fitness goals or someone to hold them accountable on their fitness journey. Pair your workout content that shows how you are as a coach with this hashtag so those looking for that kind of support can find you.

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Posts: 70K

Use this hashtag when sharing summer-specific workouts, like those for a summer fitness challenge you’re running or that address summer-related workout ideas. When potential clients are looking for warm-weather workout ideas they’ll find you, bringing them into your community so you can engage with them well beyond the summer season.



Posts: 236K

If you share tips and best practices for working out, use this hashtag to reach the people who are looking for that guidance. Educational content is a great way to attract new followers because you’re providing value without asking for anything in return so make sure that great content gets seen.



Posts: 10K

Use this workout hashtag on posts that highlight the benefits of working out and living an active lifestyle. There are so many more benefits to working out than just building muscle or losing fat including improved mood and mental wellness. This hashtag will allow you to reach potential clients and followers who need to be inspired.



Posts: 24K

In the middle of a workout or health and fitness journey, it’s easy to give up and give into the resistance. Use this hashtag on posts that empower and encourage your audience to keep going, even when they feel defeated or hit a roadblock. Connect even deeper by sharing a personal story about your struggles with motivation and end with a call to action to connect with you for 1:1 motivation via training and coaching.

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Use the Right Workout Hashtags on Instagram

Not all hashtags are created equal or will allow you to reach potential clients and followers. Get specific with your workout hashtags, focusing on niche hashtags that have fewer than 500K posts to make the most of your content.