If you are a college student, you know that the number of credits you take can affect your financial aid package. Understanding how the number of credits impacts the amount of financial aid you receive is crucial to making an informed decision when it comes to choosing classes. Let’s explore some of the ways in which taking fewer credits can impact your financial aid package. 

Eligibility Requirements for Federal Student Loans 

When it comes to receiving a federal student loan, one of the main eligibility requirements is that you must be enrolled in at least six (6) credit hours per quarter for undergraduate students. That means if you drop any courses and fall below six (6) credit hours, you will no longer qualify for a federal student loan from Lionel University. 

Cost of Attendance and Financial Aid Packages 

When determining your financial aid package, Lionel University considers both your cost of attendance and the amount of funding available through grants and/or loans based on your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). When you reduce your credits per quarter, there is a good chance that your cost of attendance will decrease as well, resulting in a lower overall financial aid package. Therefore, if you plan on taking fewer credits in any given quarter, it is important to be aware of how this could potentially impact your overall financial aid package, prior to making any decisions related to course selection. 


Deciding on how many credits are right for you can be difficult because there are so many variables at play—your budget, time availability, etc.—so it’s important to consider all these factors before making any decisions regarding course enrollment numbers. Remember that taking fewer credits than usual can affect your financial aid package so make sure that all changes are discussed with the Lionel University Office of Financial Aid before proceeding forward with adjustments to the number of courses taken during any given quarter.  By doing this research ahead of time you can ensure that changes made will not negatively affect future financial aid awards received from Lionel University! 

Regardless of whether you’re pursuing an associate degree, bachelor’s degree, or master’s degree, at Lionel you earn multiple certifications and specializations along the way. This means you can start working as a fitness and nutrition professional even before graduation day! And, with the help of financial aid, earning your exercise science degree is even more of a possibility. 

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