A summer workout plan can do more than help clients get and stay healthy and fit this summer. It can be the start of a healthier lifestyle because, with more exposure to the sun, people are in a better mood and feel calmer and more focused. That makes the summer a great time to help clients get healthy while building a healthier lifestyle that will keep them feeling good well after summer is over. 

Before creating a summer workout plan that will keep clients interested and challenged, don’t forget to take these important details into consideration, including goals, periodization, and more. 

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Understand your Clients’ Goals

This may seem like a no-brainer but it can’t be overlooked. Not everyone wants a perfect “summer body.” You need to understand your client and what they’re looking to achieve as well as their starting point so you can provide them with a program that’s tailor-made for their needs. 

An important part of understanding your clients’ needs is asking a wide range of questions. Not just about what they want to get out of training, but what their summer looks like. For example, if they’re traveling most weekends, you can plan a program that allows for easy weekend workouts they can do on the go.

Here are some questions to ask your client before developing their summer workout plan:

  • What equipment will they have access to? 
  • What sports/movements do they enjoy? 
  • What time of day do they prefer working out? 
  • Would they be willing to meet outside of the gym setting? 
  • What does their summer schedule look like? 
  • Will they be traveling? If so, will they have access to a gym? 
  • What is their work schedule like in the summer? 
  • What are they hoping to achieve by the end of the summer? 

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Take Advantage of Summer Weather

One of the perks of planning summer workout programs is that you can use the weather to your advantage and get outside with your clients. There are many perks to being outside in the sun (in moderation). 

  • Being exposed to sunlight supports immunity.
  • Exposure to the morning sun can also help with regulating circadian rhythm, helping clients fall asleep easier at night. 
  • Finally, the sun helps improve mitochondrial function in turn creating more energy while fresh air can help clear your lungs and even lower your blood pressure and heart rate. 

Build outdoor workouts into your program, whether you meet at a local park (check about the need for a permit beforehand) or simply do some of the workouts in the parking lot of the gym. Maybe even switch up your cardio and opt for a swimming pool workout if the client has access to one.

Don’t forget to keep your client hydrated and watch for signs of heat-related illnesses or problems, including dizziness, confusion, or pale skin. You can find a full list of the signs of a heat-related illness at CDC.gov.

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Plan Ahead for Periodization

Summer provides the perfect timeframe for planning an 8-, 10-, or 12-week plan, depending on what the client is looking for. This gives you time to periodize their program so you can prevent overtraining and injury while maximizing progress and results.

Whether strength-training or cardio training, consider the types of periodization you can use with your clients:

  • Linear periodization: This is when clients progress in a linear fashion, gradually increasing intensity or weight with each passing week. This is an ideal model for beginner clients. 
  • Non-Linear/Undulated Periodization: This style of periodization focuses on changing multiple variables throughout the program. As opposed to just increasing weight, you might change the exercises, volume, or intensity weekly or even at each training session. This is best used for advanced training clients.

The type of periodization you choose to use will depend upon the client and what their goals and training levels are. This is why it’s critical to ask the right questions before developing their summer workout plan.


Keep It Fun

While things like periodization are important to consider, it doesn’t mean you have to be all business and forget about the fun. No one wants to do the same boring workouts for 12 weeks straight, nor do they want to be stuck inside when the sun is shining. People also go stir crazy working out at the gym or at home every session.  

Here are a few ways to keep workouts fun and interesting so clients stay committed:

  • Choose different locations, like the beach or a nearby mountain to enjoy the summer weather. 
  • Switch to a bootcamp-style workout once each week to them on their toes. 
  • Set fun goals for them to meet each week so they can continually see progress.
  • Work weekly challenges into your program so they can continually push their limits.
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Encourage Healthy Lifestyle Changes

A summer workout plan can support your client long after summer is over. Use this time to help clients make long-lasting lifestyle changes that will impact them for many years to come. Here are some ways you can help clients make these changes starting this summer:

  • Encourage clients to build active time into their daily routine, like a morning walk or weekend hike.
  • Help them bring more movement into their vacation by reminding them to site-see via walking rather than driving.
  • Use this time to focus on proper hydration habits, building into their daily routine.
  • Share healthy recipes and help them develop meals they love so they can turn back to them even when not working with you.
  • Teach them workouts and exercises they can easily do at home with little time, space, and equipment.

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Create a Summer Workout Plan Clients Love

Summer doesn’t have to sabotage your client’s progress. Take advantage of the summer weather and create an easy-to-follow plan that meets your clients’ goals and keeps them interested while having fun and enjoying the sunshine. This is an opportunity to help clients get healthy and stay healthy long after they’re done working with you, so don’t underestimate the power of a great summer workout plan.