Turning to female bodybuilders on Instagram can not just increase motivation, but offer ideas for workout routines. The motivation doesn’t come just from looking at an incredibly fit fitness model. It helps. Instead, you’ll realize the dedication and discipline it takes to see bodybuilding results. This fitness influencer list we’ve put together highlights remarkable weightlifting achievements combined with diverse backgrounds, stories, body shapes, and training methods. Adding them to your Instagram account will be a breath of fresh air.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or woman or man, the top resolution for Americans is to exercise more often. And, 44 percent of U.S. adults want to recommit to their fitness goals, according to a recent survey. Checking out a female bodybuilding fitness influencer allows you to see a real person succeeding in exercise, overcoming obstacles, and living an inspired life. 

More importantly, social media is a place where people can (and want to) connect. This is more important than ever before. In fact, 91 percent of social media users believe in its power to connect people in positive ways. 

You don’t have to be looking to participate in a bodybuilding competition to get benefit from following a fitness influencer. You just need a passion or interest in fitness and strength training. If you’re a personal trainer, or just into working out, check out this Instagram fitness influencer list of women bodybuilders. Consider adding yourself to their growing list of followers. You’ll get workout ideas or simply be inspired to get to the gym more often. You may even pick up some social media tips that will help you bulk up your own list of followers. 

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Aroosha Nekonam

After healing from severe anorexia (a serious eating disorder), which nearly left her wheelchair-bound, Aroosha Nekonam became a group fitness instructor and bodybuilder who can now lift double her own weight. This is an impressive feat for any fitness guru. This Scottish-Persian athlete shares with refreshing openness about her journey back to health and documents her resistance training exercises on Instagram stories. She’s got over 22.7k followers and has relatable content across a variety of topics. Come for the workouts, food images, and more. Then, stay for the real talk and genuine perspective.


Lauren Fisher

As one of the youngest CrossFit athletes to date, Lauren Fisher has competed in seven CrossFit Games and has no intention of slowing her momentum. She’s got 1.1 m followers and promotes being fit and healthy. Again, a breath of fresh air, knowing it’s not about aesthetics or being a fitness model. Instead, it’s about showing up, working hard, and living the fitness life. This skilled woman weightlifter is all about optimizing the efficiency of a workout, and she teaches her online community of millions how to do just that. She’s also the founder of Grown Strong, a program that offers virtual fitness options, activewear, and nutrition supplements.

Nneka Uchendu

This doctor-in-training has a joint passion for both fitness and medicine and uses her platform to educate followers on the science behind movement. With over 24.8k followers, she’s a true inspiration. Applying oneself to a fitness discipline is a task in itself. But, while maintaining this healthy lifestyle while going through a medical degree program is something we can all learn from. Nneka Uchendu, who refers to herself as the “Power Lift Princess,” hails from Nigeria but currently pursues her medical degree in Detroit. When she’s not on a hospital rotation, you can find her posting videos of accessible, high-intensity workouts for total body results. By following this impressive influencer, you’ll be less likely to say “I’m just too busy to work out”.

Massy Arias

Another inspiring female is Massy Arias. With over 2.7 m followers, she’s another one that shows us we all have time in our lives to be fit, strong, have a family, and run a business. She does this all in just one lifetime. Today she is a global fitness entrepreneur and personal trainer known for sculpted muscles and impressive athletic feats. But the obstacles Massy Arias has overcome in life are just as inspiring as her success. After learning to leverage exercise as a weapon to fight depression, Arias now makes it her mission to help others experience physical, mental, and spiritual transformation through the power of resistance training. 

Deepika Chowdhury 

Deepika Chowdhury is India’s first woman IFBB professional bodybuilder,, and she’s nothing short of a trailblazer for inclusivity. Not to mention, she’s a fierce competitor in the sport. With over 104k followers. Deepika gives followers an inside look at the daily fitness regimen she uses while in competition-mode, and her intense amount of discipline is all the motivation you need. If you want to see how a professional bodybuilder lifts weight, her account is all you need to give you workout structure and ideas for exercise. 

Katrin Davíðsdóttir 

Onto another soaring influencer and female bodybuilder, here is Katrin, who has 1.8 m followers on social media. This gymnast turned weightlifter from Iceland is a two-time Women’s CrossFit Games champion. She shares about flexibility, strength, and acrobatics. And, she is one of just three athletes in the world to take home this CrossFit Games title twice. If you follow Katrin Davíðsdóttir, you will be treated to posts of her one-arm handstands, rope climbs, suspension ring flips, and, of course, award-winning lifts. Learning new skills and tricks (although maybe not these) is a great way to increase motivation and help make exercise a habit.

Jenny Vardanian 

If you watched the Rio Olympics, then Jenny Vardanian might be on your radar as the first American weightlifter to qualify for Team USA in 2016. In addition to her status as an Olympian, the 27-year-old athlete also won medals in the 2019 World Championships, and she runs a personal coaching business and owns her own gym. Follow along for inspiration and motivation in life and fitness.  

Linora Low

If you want a budget-friendly quarantine workout that you can do using objects from around the house, then Linora Low’s account is just the feed for you. This weightlifter, fitness coach, and Under Armour Southeast Asia ambassador posts fun, energetic videos that show her exercising with all kinds of equipment, from barbells to water gallons. She also owns a superfood snack company with her sister called KapowBalls to keep you energized and healthy. 

Sarah Robles 

Sarah Robles is another Olympian who competed at both the London and Rio Games. She made history as the first American weightlifter in 16 years to win an Olympic medal in her sport. With the strength to lift more than 350 pounds, Robles is redefining what it means to be a female bodybuilder and powerlifter while inspiring women of all shapes and sizes to become weightlifters themselves. Her content is authentic, upbeat, and inclusive, making this a must-follow account of 42.4k followers.


Christmas Abbott

Another mom, fitness model, bodybuilder, driven career woman, and overall great influencer is the next bodybuilding woman on our list-Christmas. It’s hard to resist a story of resilience, and Christmas Abbott’s trajectory from a former drug addict to a professional CrossFit trainer is no exception. She’s another reminder that no matter where you are in life, it’s never too late to turn it all around. And others agree, since she’s got a nice 675k following on Instagram. Not only is she a nationally recognized fitness entrepreneur, but Abbott is also the first woman to work on a NASCAR pit crew. Her Instagram posts feature a blend of exercise motivation and positive affirmations to help you achieve health and balance in life.

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Get Inspired by These Female Bodybuilder Instagram Accounts

You’ll elevate your own workouts, find the motivation to level up, and empower yourself to push harder when you follow these inspiring female bodybuilder Instagram accounts. These women are so much more than athletes. They’ve overcome challenges and reached new heights, inspiring all of us to do the same. 

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