Today marks the 94th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.'s birth, a day to celebrate his life, legacy, and contributions to our country. 

Since 1986, we have honored this federal holiday as an opportunity for service that upholds civil rights, human dignity and social equity--a time for us all to pause in reverence of MLK's vision and accomplishments which remain dear within our nation’s history. 

At Lionel University, we take pride in honoring Dr. King by recommitting ourselves each year towards meaningful progress on the noble struggle he dedicated himself toward equal rights for all people everywhere.

Lionel University embraces diversity as one of our core values. We strive to create an environment that promotes mutual respect, understanding, and appreciation of different cultures. Our student body includes students from diverse backgrounds, ages, and cultures, and all are welcome here! 

We are proud to foster an inclusive and celebrative environment for our students by bringing together students and faculty from all walks of life. 

In addition, in 2022, Lionel University created the Uplift: FitPro Workforce Readiness Program, which aims to equip under-resourced communities with educational opportunities that provide both a better understanding of exercise and wellness as well as those needed skills required to begin viable careers, enabling them not only support themselves but their local community as well.

We also recognize the fitness and wellness industry has been slower than other industries to recognize the need for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). As students, understanding how the fitness and wellness industry is taking steps towards DEI can help you make informed decisions when choosing your career path. Let’s take a look at some of the ways that this industry is becoming more diverse, equitable, and inclusive. 


Inclusivity in Advertising 

How products are marketed can influence whether or not people feel included in an industry. Recently, fitness and wellness brands have been trying to show more diverse representation in their advertising campaigns. This can include using models from different ethnic backgrounds or featuring people with disabilities or those who do not fit into traditional beauty standards. Companies such as Nike and Adidas have taken strides to create ads that are inclusive of all body types by featuring plus-size models in their campaigns.

By providing visibility to minority groups through marketing efforts, companies can reach a broader range of potential customers while also sending a message of acceptance. 


Diversity in Leadership 

Leadership roles are important in any organization's growth and future success. The fitness and wellness industry has begun to recognize the importance of having diverse voices at the table. For example, Peloton has announced plans to make its workforce 50% female by 2025 with 40% coming from underrepresented communities, including racial minorities or individuals with disabilities or LGBTQ+ backgrounds. These initiatives demonstrate that companies are taking meaningful steps towards fostering diversity within their organizations which could open up new opportunities for students interested in joining this field.  


Commitment Towards Equity 

Equity is different from equality because it aims to rectify systemic injustices faced by certain groups due to racism or other forms of discrimination within an organization. A commitment towards equity means providing resources that address individual needs rather than treating everyone equally without consideration for unique circumstances faced by certain individuals or groups. One way companies promote equity is through salary transparency, where employees are made aware of pay disparities between genders or racial minorities so that corrective measures can be taken if necessary.

Other initiatives, such as mentorship programs, may also be used to increase access for minority employees who may lack access due to a lack of financial resources or educational opportunities often faced by underprivileged communities.       



The fitness and wellness industry is progressing towards greater DEI, but there is still much work left to be done before true equity can be achieved across all sectors within this field. Students interested in working in this field should focus on companies that demonstrate a commitment towards DEI through salary transparency, mentorship programs, and inclusive advertising campaigns, which will help ensure fair treatment for all employees regardless of background or identity. With these commitments made early on, we can create a better future for our next generation of leaders.

At Lionel University, we are dedicated to enabling everyone the opportunity to pursue a healthy lifestyle free from fear of discrimination and judgment. We champion inclusivity through our comprehensive programs, services, and equitable access for all that enables students to study, learn and grow without limits - regardless of race, gender identity, or ability level. 

We recognize that every student has the potential to thrive and excel, with equal opportunity for success regardless of their background or identity. We are dedicated to cultivating an inclusive atmosphere through our robust, diverse programming and strategic partnerships promoting Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion initiatives - honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s vision of a harmonious global society where everyone is treated fairly and equitably.